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Belgian Shepherd Dog

25. 4. 2019 We gave the last goodbye to our Haidy.

Haidy has got cancer of stomach. We miss her very much.
Last photos of Haidy were taken in August 2018 by Klára Lipertová.

18. 2. 2019 Zephyr is Club Champion

Last year in autumn Zephyr passed ZZO test and got complete qualification for the title CLUB CHAMPION.
In spring we expect a very lovely bitch to come for a mating. We are looking forward to this litter - both parents have gris colour and have breeding selecton! More info coming soon.

15.9.2018 Specialty show Horka nad Moravou

s.Ch.Zephyr Uphen z Kovárny Exc.1 BIS of honour classes
His daughter Alhambra z Jadeitu was Exc.2/5 in open class under judge Babs Robinson from UK. We are over the moon from the results and the perfect day. We are already looking forward to the next year :-)

Many thanks for photos to Sindy Hronská

7.8.2018 Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny

We recieved sad news in June from owners of Favelo, who went over the rainbow bridge at the age of 15 years and 7 months. He lived long life and enjoyed his last 4 years in his new family with dog friend Happy. In older age he was shown several times and made it up to Veteran Champion. He was also being trained and enjoyed the sport drill. He was an amazing dog! Thank you Ruzenka and Olin!

Favelo with a friend Happy Baila Sen Vysočiny (2018) | with owner Růženka Markova (2015) | with Ruzenka (2014)

12.5.2018 Club show KCHBO Mladá Boleslav

Derie Ulkaine Callistopeia - Exc.3 in open class, judge: Marie-France Varlet (France)
Zephyr Uphen z Kovárny - Exc.1 in honour class
Jeho dcera Alhambra z Jadeitu - Exc.3 in open class
Our veterans:
Haidy Baila Sen Vysočiny - Exc.3
Harry Cabor Sen Vysočiny - VG2
Judge: Cath Bond (United Kingdom)

Derie and Zephyr navíc got their selection status for breeding and passed their eye check with result - clear!

Zephyr, Derie and Alhambra pictured by Andrea Pavlíčková

5.9.2017 Jack has his new home

Photos of our boys from their new homes are constantly being added to our gallery.

16.9.2017 Club show Horka nad Moravou

judge Laura Vassallo (Itálie)
Zephyr Exc.1 CAC ČKŠ, winners class
Haidy Exc.2 in veteran class (veteran class winner was mum of our Zephyr ;-) )
Alhambra z Jadeitu Exc.1 CAC ČKŠ in intermediate class.
Ambi also passed breeding check and became approved breeding bitch and I hope she wiill leave her mark in our breeding plans. Even though it was raining the whole day, we had a great time!

Zephyr | Zephyr s dcerou Alhambrou
Photo: Markéta Dlabová

31.8.2017 What's new?

Boys Jake, Jasper, Jonash and Juve are at their new homes for a few weeks already. They are doing very well and we hear only the best news :-) Black boy Jack is still available. He was also booked already, but stayed at home anyway. I do believe that the right person will come over and they will make a fabulous team ;-)

Jack has very promising exterior and friendly character. He was dewormed several times, twice vaccinated, chipped and has passport. These are up to date photos in age of 11 weeks.

Jack Ernie Sen Vysočiny, photo by Andrea Pavlíčková

25.7. We are looking for active owner of our last available boy.

He is ready to go since 5th August! More under Puppies

16.6.2017 Puppies were born!!!

9th June 5 boys were born!
4 groenendael boys and 1 tervueren boy.
1 groenendael boy and 1 tervueren boy are still available!
More under Puppies

6.6.2017 In the first half of June we expect our very first groenendael litter.

More under Puppies :-)

belgický ovčák Sen Vysočiny

21.2.2017 Results of health tests

Alhambra z Jadeitu (daughter of our Zephyr) HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0 neg.
Derie Ulkaine Callistopeia, in co-ownership, also HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0 neg.( MVDr.J.Ekr )
We are over the moon :-)

With these results Derie is registered among breeding bitches and we can plan the very first litter of groenendaels in our kennel. Hopefully we will have puppies the secind half of the year.
New photos of Alhambra and Zephyr ba Veronika Masařová. More at gallery.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Sen Vysočiny Belgian Shepherd Dog Sen Vysočiny Belgian Shepherd Dog Sen Vysočiny
Zephyr a Alhambra

NDS Mladá Boleslav 16.7.2016

Judge Hana Pisarčíková
Alhambra z Jadeitu Exc.2 in junior class
Indy Zephyr Sen Vysočiny Exc.1 CAC in intermediate class. Congratulations!

Belgian Shepherd Dog Sen Vysočiny Belgian Shepherd Dog Sen Vysočiny
Alhambra z Jadeitu and Indy Zephyr Sen Vysočiny, photo: Iva Baráková

19.6.2016 KCHBO - Exhibition and characte test Pňov

Derie passed both with nice results. More info here.
Many thanks to coowner for taking such a great care of her and presenting her! Soon we also have to make necessary test of HD and ED.
After that Derie will hopefully be breeding female. The very first litter of gronendaels is planned for 2017!

Belgian Shepherd Dog Sen Vysočiny Belgian Shepherd Dog Sen Vysočiny
Derie Ulkaine Callistopeia - photo by H.Pisarčíková / tervuerenka Alhambra z Jadeitu - photo by T.Tomendálová

5.5.2016 Alhambra z Jadeitu

Alhambra z Jadeitu, daughter of our Zephyr had her show premier in Mlada Boleslav on 16th and 17th April at Specialty and Club show. She got very nice results - VP2 and VP3 and nice critique from abroad specialists.
Saturday: Benoit Thévenon (France)
Sunday: Mary Grove (United Kingdom)
More about Alhambra on Club's site.
Many thanks to Hana Pisarčíkova, kennel z Kovárny.

belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny

27.1.2016 New member of our kennel - Alhambra z Jadeitu.

Ambi is daughter of our Zephyr, very nice in exterior with friendly character. She belongs to our daughter Míša and they live together in Prague. Her site will be ready soon, for now we enclose a link to photos in age of 15 weeks: HERE.
Her brother Atlas is still available and looking for his new home - more in puppies.

belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny

19.11.2015 Puppies sired by our Zephyr are waiting for their new owners in kennel Z Jadeitu

More in Puppies.

Verča Masařová visited us in the end of October

She made a lot of nice photos for us: here

9.10.2015 in kennel Z Jadeitu puppies sired by our Zephyr were born!

Two boys and two girls. More info in section puppies.


Derinka (Derie Ulkaine Callistopeia) got Exc.1 CAC, CAC ČMKU and CACIB at international dog show in Mlada Boleslav 29th August 2015! Judge was Anna Kochan, PL.

7.8.2015 Zef had a bride - beautiful JCh. Am I Marlene z Kovárny

Pregnancy is confirmed. Puppies will be bred in kennel z Jadeitu. We are looking forward to them :-)

Tervueren Sen Vysočiny Tervueren Sen Vysočiny

On Saturday 18.7. our oldest tervueren girl Baila Oridix went over a rainbow bridge.

Baila left too soon after insidious disease.
She was mother of litters G,H and CH Sen Vysočiny.

Tervueren Sen Vysočiny

20.6.2015 NDS Klatovy

Derie Ulkaine Calistopeia: junior cl Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ
judge: Weng Woh Chan - Malaysia

New photos of Indy by Lucie Kazmerčíková, more photos: HERE

belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny
Derie Ulkaine Calistopeia, Vet.Ch. Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny, Indy Zephyr Sen Vysočiny

Regional dog show Hradec Králové 16.5.2015

Indy Zephyr Sen Vysočiny in puppy class - VP1, Zephyr Uphen z Kovárny honour class V1, judge Milan Krinke.
New phoros of Zephyr in age 4,5 years by Veronika Masarova.

belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny belgian shepherd Sen Vysočiny
Zephyr Uphen z Kovárny

2.5.2015 IDS Prague

Derinka's show premier - junior cl. Exc.3, judge Beata Štýbrová
At Derie's site now photos from Andrejka Pavlíčková were added.

belgický ovčák Sen Vysočiny belgický ovčák Sen Vysočiny

20.4.2015 What's new:

National show Ostrava 11th April, judge: Mr.Jana Miklasová.
Indy Zephyr Sen Vysočiny - show premier, puppy class VP1!
Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny veteran class: Exc.1 BOV - now met conditions of Veteran Champion CZ! Congratulations!

Berger de Belge tervueren Sen Vysočiny Berger de Belge tervueren Sen Vysočiny
Vet.Ch.Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny and Indy Zephyr Sen Vysočiny

16.3.2015 What's new:

IDS Brno 7.2. Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny - Exc.1 BOV / judge: Jespers Andersson (Sweden)
At site of our dogs groenendael female Derie Ulkaine Callistopeia, who we have in coownership, was added.

Berger de Belge tervueren Sen Vysočiny Berger de Belge groenendael Sen Vysočiny
Favello Andante Sen Vysočiny with breeder and Derie Ulkaine Callistopeia.

26.1.2015 All puppies from our I litter found new homes

We do not plan another litter in near future.

19.12.2014 - Tervueren puppies

We have two tervueren puppy girls available: Inou and Isabel.
More info + foto, for which I thank to Veronika Masařová, in Puppies!

belgian shepherd tervueren puppies Sen Vysočiny
Veronika with Isabel :-)

7.11.2014 - Tervueren puppies

All the boys from litter "I" have their new homes already. We still have two beautiful girls available. More at Puppies!

11.10.2014 - Puppies are 7 weeks

Soon they are leaving to their new homes Currently one boy and two girls are still available!
We are looking for co-ownership for one of the girls - more info by email.

3.10.2014 - News from our place

New photos were added to site Puppies, some of the pups are atill available.
NDS Brno 27.9. Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny - Exc.1, BOV! Congratlations!

Berger de Belge tervueren puppies Sen Vysočiny Berger de Belge tervueren puppies Sen Vysočiny
Berger de Belge tervueren puppies - litter I Sen Vysočiny

7.9.2014 - News from our place

Haidy gave birth of tervueren puppies! 5 boys and 2 girls were born 23rd of August. Some of them are still available. More info in Puppies.
6.9.2014 Zef had a bride - beautiful female JCh.AM I MERLENE z Kovárny. If all goes well we can look forward to puppies in kennel z Jadeitu!

tervueren puppies
JCh.AM I MERLENE z Kovárny

13.8.2014 - Haidy is pregnant

We expect Berber de Belge puppies to be born in the end of August.
More info in tervueren puppies site.


I was contacted after many years by owners of our 12 years old breeding Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny. Owners are going back to USA after several years and Favelo can not come with them. It was necessary to find quickly a new home for him.
Together with 6 years old girl Hepis (Happy Baila Sen Vysočiny) Favelo will live at place of family Marek. Many thanks for their help!

belgický ovčák Tervueren Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny belgický ovčák Tervueren Favelo Andante Sen Vysočiny
Favelo at his new home :-)

6.4.2014 New addition in our kennel

Black female Derie Ulkaine Callistpeia. Derinka in in co-ownership and she will live with our friends Irena and Honza and their tervueren Jessi near Děčín :-)

Belgický ovčák Derie Ulkaine Callistpeia
Derie Ulkaine Callistpeia

21.3.2014 New design of our tervuerens wesbite

Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervueren
Tervueren - Zephyr Uphen z Kovárny

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